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Haslemere Herald


"His talents have taken him to some of the most prestigious venues in the world, not to mention performing for royalty."





The Stage


"The highlight of his act was the astounding conjuring of goldfish - out of a rolled up 5 note."






The Express


"Pet cat eats magician's goldfish!"





The Stage


"To watch Mehtab perform is to be subjected to a dazzling display of bewilderingly clever and novel close-up magic and illusion."





"Investment managers Schroders had an eye-catching performer on their stand on Thursday - world famous magician Peter Mehtab."






Eastern Eye


"Peter is currently the darling of high society, performing at the Dorchester, the Hilton and the Orient Express."






The Asian Page


"Over the last ten years I have put much of my energy into magic and entertainment. I still feel the thrill of performing, whether it be at a Park Lane hotel, or a small dinner party."






Guernsey Evening Press and Star - Weekender


"Peter Mehtab is one of the UK's most outstanding magicians."








"Magician Peter Mehtab entertains Marion and her guests."



The Express


"Peter Mehtab has used his magical skills to win a prestigious award in his mystical profession."






The Magic Circular


"On stage we see a relaxed easy going style putting over stunning magic, the sort of magic which makes the onlooker really think he or she is witnessing pure magic."





















The Guernsey Press


"...and he has a client list out of Who's Who - including Richard Branson and John Major."







"London's Glorious Five-Star Savoy hosts Childline 18th Birthday Ball."