Peter Mehtab has been presented with two most exceptional awards from his peers at The Magic Circle, reflecting his total dedication towards his profession as a professional entertainer.

Peter is the holder of 'Best Close-up Magician' this is an achievement that almost every member of The Magic Circle would like to hold.

Peter Mehtab is also the current holder of 'Best Restaurant Magician'. This extraordinary competition was held at the headquarters of The Magic Circle and members were asked to invite non magician guests to attend, ten top competitors then entertained their peers and invited guests. After the performances had take place every member of the audience voted. Peter Mehtab is delighted to have won this most prestigious Magic Circle competition.

Peter is an accomplished professional with performance excellence, who is capable and experienced enough to perform to any audience. He is also capable of entertaining with his close quarter magic non English speaking audiences. Peter Mehtab is indeed a world-class performer who has the material and capability of performing in any given situation anywhere around the globe.

He respects the integrity of his audience and never humiliates his audience.